Effortlessly Save Paper with HP Deskjet 2700’s Double-Sided Printing

Printing documents has become an integral part of our digital lives, but sometimes we need to print information on both sides of a paper. Double-sided printing saves paper and reduces printing costs, but not all printers support this feature. If you’re an HP Deskjet 2700 owner wondering if it’s possible to print double-sided with your printer, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll explore the capabilities of this printer and how you can start printing your documents double-sided.

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Are you tired of manually flipping your pages to print double-sided documents? HP Deskjet 2700 series printers have got you covered. With their automatic double-sided printing feature, you can save time and paper without compromising on quality. The process is quite simple, once you’ve customized your printing preferences, the printer will automatically flip the pages and print on both sides, giving you a professional-looking document.

In addition, this feature will also help you reduce paper waste and help increase your office’s sustainability efforts. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the automatic double-sided printing option on your HP Deskjet 2700 and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Overview of HP Deskjet 2700

The HP Deskjet 2700 is a compact, stylish, and affordable all-in-one printer designed for home and small office use. With impressive features like wireless connectivity, automatic two-sided printing, and a straightforward control panel, this printer is a great addition to any workspace. It’s effortless to set up, and the installation process is quick and easy, even for non-tech-savvy users.

One of the standout features of this printer is its ability to print high-quality documents and images with its vibrant color and crisp text. Whether you need to print invitations, reports, or personal photos, the HP Deskjet 2700 is an excellent choice. The printer’s compact design ensures it fits snugly into your workspace, occupying minimal space.

Additionally, it’s affordable cost and accessibility make it an attractive printer choice for budget-conscious homes and small offices. Overall, the HP Deskjet 2700 is a versatile and reliable printer that delivers quality printing at an affordable price.

double sided printing hp deskjet 2700

Benefits of Double-Sided Printing

Double-sided printing, also known as duplex printing, is a process of printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. This method is becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous benefits it offers. Apart from helping to save paper, it also reduces printing costs and helps the environment.

Double-sided printing ensures that documents are compact, and less paper is used, ultimately lowering your carbon footprint. Additionally, using double-sided printing can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. With double-sided printing, you can print more pages without having to worry about running out of paper as quickly.

It’s a small change that can make a big difference.

How to Enable Double-Sided Printing on HP Deskjet 2700

Double-sided printing is an excellent way of reducing paper consumption while saving costs. If you own the HP Deskjet 2700 printer, then enabling the feature is pretty straightforward. Begin by opening the document you want to print, navigate to the print settings, and select ‘Print.

‘ From the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Layout’ option and click ‘Print on Both Sides’ from the duplex printing options. Once this is done, click on ‘Print’ to initiate the double-sided printing process. If your printer doesn’t have an in-built duplexer, you can still enjoy double-sided printing by manually flipping the pages over to print on the other side.

In such cases, print odd pages first, flip the paper over, and print even pages on the other side. Easy, right? Double-sided printing is a quick and easy way to reduce environmental impact while keeping costs down. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can enable this feature on your HP Deskjet 2700 printer.

Start saving paper and money today!

Step-by-Step Guide

Enabling double-sided printing on HP Deskjet 2700 can save both time and paper, as it allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper automatically. Here’s a step-by-step guide to enable double-sided printing on your printer. Step 1: Open the Printer Software To enable double-sided printing, you need to access the printer software on your computer.

Go to ‘Start Menu’ and search for ‘HP Deskjet 2700’ and select ‘Printer Assistant’ from the options. Step 2: Choose Print Settings Once the Printer Assistant opens, click on the ‘Print & Scan’ tab and choose ‘Print Settings.’ Step 3: Set Double-Sided Printing Preferences Under ‘Print Settings,’ look for ‘Printing Shortcuts’ and click on it.

Then, select the ‘Two-Sided (Duplex) Printing’ option from the given list. You can also select other preferences such as paper quality, color, and orientation. Step 4: Save the Changes Once you have selected the double-sided printing option, click on the ‘Save Settings’ option located at the bottom of the screen.

This will ensure that your printer remembers your preferences for future use. Step 5: Test Your Printer After saving the settings, test your printer by printing a new document. To verify double-sided printing, check if the printer prints on both sides of the paper.

Enabling double-sided printing on HP Deskjet 2700 is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to take advantage of your printer’s technology. Save resources and money whilst making the most of your printer’s capabilities. With these simple steps, you can start printing double-sided documents in no time!

Recommended Settings

If you’re looking to maximize your printing efficiency, double-sided printing is a must. With the HP Deskjet 2700, enabling this feature is simple. Here’s how to do it:

Open the document or image you want to print and select “Print” from the file menu. In the print settings, select “Properties,” followed by “Advanced.

” Look for the option that says “Two-sided (Duplex) Printing” and check the box.

Choose your preferred binding orientation and hit “OK.” It’s that easy! By utilizing double-sided printing, you can reduce paper waste and save money, without sacrificing print quality. Try it out on your HP Deskjet 2700 today.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you have an HP Deskjet 2700 and want to enable double-sided printing, here are some quick and easy troubleshooting tips. First, make sure that your printer settings are set to automatically print double-sided. To do this, open the print dialog box and select “Layout” or “Finishing” options.

From there, choose “Two-sided (Duplex) Printing” and hit “Print.” If you don’t see this option, it may be that your printer doesn’t support automatic duplexing. In this case, you can try manually printing double-sided by flipping the paper over and printing on the other side.

Alternatively, you can purchase a double-sided printing adapter that will allow you to print double-sided without having to manually flip the paper. With these simple tips, you can easily enable double-sided printing on your HP Deskjet 2700 and reduce your paper usage and printing time.


Double-sided printing with the HP DeskJet 2700 is a great way to save paper and reduce your environmental impact. To enable this feature, you’ll need to make sure your printer has automatic duplexing capabilities. Once you have confirmed this, you can turn on double-sided printing in the printer settings on your computer or mobile device.

Keep in mind that some software applications may not support double-sided printing, so you may need to adjust your settings accordingly. Printing double-sided may take slightly longer than single-sided printing, but the time saved on paper and ink costs is usually well worth it. Overall, the HP DeskJet 2700 makes it easy to take advantage of double-sided printing, so give it a try and start saving today!

Can I Double-Side Print on Different Paper Types?

Yes, you can double-side print on different paper types, as long as your printer supports it. However, the quality of the printing may differ based on the paper used. For instance, if you use a glossy paper for double-sided printing, you may experience slight smudging on the opposite side.

It’s best to check the printer specifications and recommended paper types before attempting to double-side print. Make sure both sides of the paper are aligned correctly before printing to avoid any mishaps. Additionally, it’s recommended to do a test print first to ensure that the quality meets your expectations.

Double-side printing on different paper types can save cost and paper, which is not only eco-friendly, but also a practical solution for various printing needs.

Does Double-Sided Printing Increase Ink Usage?

If you’re someone who wants to save paper and money, you might wonder if double-sided printing is the solution for you. However, you might also have concerns about how much ink it would use. The good news is that double-sided printing can actually reduce ink usage! Think of it like this: if you printed on one side of a page, the ink has to be applied thicker to make an impression.

But, when you print on both sides, the ink is dispersed a little bit more thinly across both sides of the page. This means you won’t have to refill your ink cartridges as often, saving you money in the long run. So go ahead and set your printer to double-sided mode without worrying about ink usage.


In conclusion, double sided printing on the HP Deskjet 2700 is like having a trusty sidekick that always has your back. With its efficient design and time-saving capabilities, you can now print double the pages while using half the amount of paper. This not only saves you money, but also helps to reduce waste and conserve our precious environmental resources.

It’s the perfect solution for those who want to be productive, while also being eco-conscious. So, go ahead and try out this nifty feature on your HP Deskjet 2700 today, and be a hero for both your wallet and the planet!”


What is double sided printing and how do I enable it on my HP Deskjet 2700?
Double sided printing, also known as duplex printing, allows you to print on both sides of the page. To enable it on your HP Deskjet 2700, open the printer settings and select the double sided printing option.

Can I print double sided on different paper types with my HP Deskjet 2700?
Yes, the HP Deskjet 2700 supports duplex printing on a variety of paper types, including plain paper, cards, and photo paper. Just make sure to adjust the paper and print settings accordingly.

Does double sided printing save paper and reduce printing costs?
Yes, double sided printing can significantly reduce paper usage and printing costs, especially for large documents or frequent printing tasks. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective printing option.

What should I do if my HP Deskjet 2700 is not printing double sided?
If your HP Deskjet 2700 is not printing double sided, first check if the double sided printing option is enabled in the printer settings. If it is, try restarting the printer and your computer. You may also need to update the printer drivers or troubleshoot any hardware issues.