Fixing the Frustration: Brother Printer Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi – DIY Solutions

Is your Brother Printer giving you WiFi issues? Are you tired of constantly struggling to connect your printer to your network? Well, you’re not alone. Brother Printer WiFi issues are a common problem among users, and understanding the possible causes of these issues can help you find a solution quickly. Imagine having to print an important document, but your printer refuses to connect to your WiFi network.

It’s a frustrating situation that can disrupt your work productivity, leading to missed deadlines and wasted time. But don’t despair just yet. Our blog will explore the common WiFi issues faced by Brother Printer users and provide practical tips on how to resolve them.

We will delve into the reasons why your printer may not be connecting to your network, from outdated drivers to network issues. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot and fix these issues step-by-step, so you can get back to printing without any interruptions. At the end of the day, owning a printer should make life easier, not harder.

So, keep reading and learn how to tackle Brother Printer WiFi issues like a pro!

Common Causes

Is your Brother printer constantly disconnecting from your wifi? This can be a frustrating issue, and one that can stem from a variety of causes. One common cause of a printer disconnecting from wifi is a weak signal. This can be due to distance from the router or interference from other devices.

Another cause can be an outdated driver or firmware on the printer itself. It’s also possible that there is an issue with the network settings on your computer or router. The good news is that there are steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Try moving your printer closer to the router, updating the firmware, or resetting your network settings. If none of these solutions work, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brother customer service for further assistance.

Weak signal strength or interference

One of the most common problems that users face with their wireless connections is weak signal strength or interference. This can be caused by a number of factors, including the distance between the wireless device and the router, obstructions such as walls or furniture, environmental interference from other wireless devices or appliances, or outdated router hardware. When the signal strength is low, the connection can become slow or intermittent, causing frustration for users who rely on their internet for work or entertainment.

To combat weak signal strength or interference, it’s important to first troubleshoot the source of the problem and then take steps to optimize signal strength. This may include moving the router to a more central location, updating router firmware, using a signal booster or range extender, or simply connecting to a wired network if possible. By taking these steps, users can ensure that they have a stable and fast wireless connection.

brother printer keeps disconnecting from wifi

Outdated firmware or software

Outdated firmware or software can cause a myriad of problems for your computer. The main cause of outdated firmware or software is neglecting to update your software on a regular basis. When software or firmware becomes outdated, it can leave your computer vulnerable to attacks from viruses and other malicious software.

Additionally, outdated software can affect the performance of your computer, causing it to slow down or crash regularly. It is important to update your software and firmware frequently to ensure that your computer is running at an optimal level. By doing so, you can increase your computer’s security, improve its performance, and extend its lifespan.

Don’t let outdated software hold you back – keep your computer up to date and running smoothly.

Incorrect network settings

Incorrect network settings can be a headache to deal with, often leading to connectivity issues. One of the most common causes is an incorrect IP address, where the device is unable to communicate with the network due to an invalid or duplicate IP address. Another potential issue is an incorrect subnet mask, which can cause devices to be unable to communicate with each other correctly.

Additionally, incorrect DNS settings can cause issues with name resolution and prevent devices from accessing the internet even if they are successfully connected to the local network. These issues can be frustrating to deal with, but with the right troubleshooting steps, they can be resolved quickly and easily.


If you’re experiencing troubles with your Brother printer constantly disconnecting from your Wi-Fi, don’t worry, there are solutions available to help resolve this issue. The first thing you should try is power cycling your devices by unplugging your printer and router and then restarting them both. Additionally, you should make sure your printer firmware is up to date, as older software versions can cause connectivity errors.

Another option to consider is changing your printer’s wireless channel to a less congested one, as this can help resolve any interference issues that may be causing the disconnection. Lastly, it’s important to verify that your Wi-Fi network is stable and properly configured, as weak signals or improperly setup networks can lead to connectivity problems. By trying these steps, you should be able to resolve your Brother printer’s Wi-Fi connectivity issues and continue printing without any further interruptions.

Move printer closer to router or use a WiFi extender

One common issue that people face while using wireless printers is poor connectivity. In such instances, when printing documents, the output may be partially printed, or the printer may fail to connect to the network altogether. There are a couple of solutions that could help solve this problem.

Moving the printer closer to the router could help improve the signal strength and reduce the likelihood of losing connectivity. Alternatively, one could use a WiFi extender to increase the range that the printer can connect to. This gadget boosts the wireless signal, thus enabling the printer to connect to the network even when placed further away from the router.

With these solutions, you can significantly enhance the connectivity of your printer and ensure that it seamlessly works and meets your printing needs throughout.

Update printer firmware and software

Updating your printer’s firmware and software could be the best solution to improve your printing experience. These updates are released periodically by manufacturers to fix known issues and add new features to your printer. By doing so, it ensures that your printer is up-to-date with the latest technology, and its performance is at its best.

You can check for firmware or software updates by visiting the manufacturer’s website or using their software that comes with the printer. These updates usually take a few minutes to download and install. Not only will you benefit from improved performance, but you may also avoid potential complications, such as security breaches.

Updating your printer’s firmware and software is an easy, quick, and essential step in keeping your printer running smoothly.

Check and correct network settings

When dealing with network connectivity issues, one of the first things to check is the network settings. Incorrect settings can cause an array of problems, from slow internet speeds to complete disconnection from the network. To start, open the Control Panel and navigate to the Network and Sharing Center.

From there, click on Change adapter settings and ensure that the correct network adapter is selected. If not, right-click and select Enable. Next, check the IPv4 properties and ensure that the IP address is set to obtain automatically.

The same goes for the DNS server settings. These simple steps can help correct many network issues, but if problems persist, contact your network administrator or internet service provider for further assistance. By checking and correcting network settings, you can save yourself time and frustration while ensuring a faster and more reliable network connection.

Additional Tips

If your Brother printer keeps disconnecting from WiFi, there are a few additional tips you can try to resolve the issue. One thing you can do is to reset your printer’s network settings. To do this, you’ll need to access your printer’s menu and find the network settings option.

From there, you should be able to reset the network settings to their default values. Another helpful tip is to ensure that your printer’s firmware is up to date. You can often update your printer’s firmware by going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading the latest version.

It’s also a good idea to check your router’s settings to make sure that your printer is being assigned a consistent IP address. This can help prevent disconnections from occurring due to IP address conflicts. By following these tips, you may be able to resolve your Brother printer’s WiFi connectivity issues and get back to printing efficiently.

Reset the printer

If resetting your printer didn’t work, there are a few additional tips you could try before calling in the professionals. First off, check that the ink cartridges aren’t empty or clogged with dried ink. You could try cleaning them with a damp cloth or using an ink cleaning kit if the problem persists.

Another thing to check is that the paper is loaded correctly and that there are no jams or obstructions within the printer. Finally, make sure that your printer driver software is up to date and compatible with your operating system. Sometimes, outdated drivers can cause printing issues.

By following these additional tips, you may be able to save yourself a costly repair bill and get your printer back up and running in no time.

Contact customer support if issue persists

If you’re still experiencing issues with your product or service, don’t hesitate to contact customer support for assistance. They’re equipped to help troubleshoot any ongoing problems and work towards finding a solution that meets your needs. Additionally, there are a few tips that may help alleviate the issue before contacting customer support.

For instance, ensure that you’ve properly followed all instructions and settings for your product or service. This may include reading user manuals or consulting online resources. Also, try restarting your product or device to see if that resolves the issue.

Remember, sometimes technical glitches happen, but with a little patience and effort, you can often fix the problem quickly. And, if all else fails, customer support is always ready to step in and provide additional support.


In the battle between technology and frustration, the struggle of a brother printer to maintain a steady wifi connection may seem like a small hiccup. But in a world where every second counts, even the smallest obstacle can quickly turn into a source of irritation. Remember, just like a good sibling, a reliable wifi connection is always there for you when you need it.

So, whether it’s through resetting your router or just taking a moment to breathe, don’t let a disconnection stand between you and your printing dreams. Stay connected, stay determined, and always keep your printer on its toes (or wheels).”


Why does my Brother printer keep disconnecting from wifi?
Your Brother printer can disconnect from wifi due to a weak wifi signal, outdated firmware, or interference from other devices. You can try relocating your printer closer to the wifi router, updating the firmware, and minimizing interference to solve the issue.

How can I reconnect my Brother printer to wifi?
To reconnect your Brother printer to wifi, you can go to the printer’s network settings and select your wifi network. You may need to enter the wifi network password to establish the connection. If the connection fails, try resetting your network settings or contacting Brother printer support.

Can a Brother printer work without wifi?
Yes, a Brother printer can work without wifi if it is connected via USB to a computer. You can also use the printer’s manual control panel to print, scan, or copy documents without connecting to wifi.

How can I troubleshoot wifi connectivity issues with my Brother printer?
You can troubleshoot wifi connectivity issues with your Brother printer by checking the wifi signal strength, ensuring the printer’s firmware is up-to-date, resetting the network settings, and minimizing interference from other devices. You can also try restarting your wifi router or contacting Brother printer support for further assistance.