Unleashing the Performance: A Comprehensive Review of ASUS Z87-A ATX Motherboard

Looking for a high-performance motherboard for your gaming PC build? Check out the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard. This powerful motherboard is packed with features that will take your gaming experience to the next level. With its support for Intel processors and NVIDIA SLI technology, this motherboard is designed for gamers who demand the best.

But is it worth the investment? In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard and provide you with everything you need to know to determine if it’s the right motherboard for your gaming PC build. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


When it comes to building a PC, it’s important to choose a motherboard that suits your needs. The ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is a great option for those who want a balance of performance and affordability. This motherboard supports Intel 4th generation Core processors and has a range of features, including four DIMM slots, two PCIe

0 x16 slots, and six SATA 6Gb/s ports. Overall, this motherboard is a solid choice for those who want a dependable and capable foundation for their PC build. So, if you’re looking for an ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard review, look no further than this article! We’ll break down the features and performance of this motherboard so you can make an informed decision.

Overview of specs and features

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asus z87-a atx motherboard review

Design and performance

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Pros and Cons

When considering the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard, there are clear pros and cons to weigh before making a decision. On the positive side, this motherboard boasts strong performance capabilities, with support for Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors and ample room for expansion with four memory slots and three PCI Express slots. It also includes useful features like UEFI BIOS and USB

0 ports. However, there are also some drawbacks to keep in mind. For one, the ASUS Z87-A is a bit on the expensive side compared to other motherboards in its class.

It also lacks some of the more advanced features that hardcore gamers might prefer. In addition, some users have reported issues with the onboard audio quality. Overall, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is a solid choice for those looking for reliable performance and expansion options, but may not be the best choice for those looking for the most cutting-edge features or top-notch audio performance.

Pros – high-quality components, solid performance

When it comes to choosing high-quality components for your computer, there are a lot of options on the market. However, one brand that consistently stands out is known for the durability and solid performance of its components. The pros of choosing this brand include a peace of mind that comes with high-quality components that are built to last.

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Cons – limited USB ports, no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

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Compatibility and Upgradability

If you’re in the market for a new motherboard, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is definitely worth considering. One of the standout features of this motherboard is its compatibility and upgradability. Not only does it support Intel’s 4th generation Core processors, but it also has room for up to 32GB of DDR3 memory and features six SATA 6Gb/s connectors and eight USB

0 ports. Additionally, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard has ample room for expansion, with three PCIe 0 x16 slots and four PCIe

0 x1 slots. This means that you’ll be able to add a dedicated graphics card or other expansion cards to your system with ease. Overall, if you’re looking for a motherboard that will allow you to build a powerful and customizable system, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is definitely worth considering.

Compatible processors and memory types

When it comes to building or upgrading a computer system, it is crucial to ensure that the processor and memory types are compatible. This will not only ensure smooth operation but also allow for easy upgradability in the future. It is important to research and verify that the processor and memory types you are considering are suitable for your motherboard.

With the right combination of processor and memory, you can achieve optimal performance and avoid any potential issues. Remember, upgrading your system is like building a puzzle; all the pieces must fit together perfectly to achieve the desired result. So, take your time, do your research, and make sure to get the perfect fit for your system.

Expansion slots and storage options

When it comes to building a PC, one of the most crucial factors to consider is its compatibility and upgradability for future needs. Expansion slots and storage options play a vital role in this aspect. Expansion slots allow you to connect additional components to your motherboard, enabling you to upgrade your system’s performance.

There are various types of expansion slots available, including PCIe, AGP, and PCI. You need to make sure that the expansion slots on your motherboard match the components you want to add, or you won’t be able to upgrade them. Additionally, choosing the right storage options is essential in building a PC that can cope up with your increasing storage needs.

You need to consider factors like storage space, speed, and cost when selecting the right storage option for your needs. Using an SSD (Solid State Drive) in combination with an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is an efficient way to store large files while ensuring speedy access to frequently used applications. Overall, choosing compatible and upgradable storage and expansion options is essential for a future-proof build that can adapt to your requirements.


In conclusion, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is like a top-of-the-line racecar that delivers exceptional performance and power. Its impressive range of features and unparalleled durability create an unmatched computing experience that is sure to leave you in awe. With the ability to handle demanding applications seamlessly, this powerhouse of a motherboard is the ultimate choice for gamers, professionals, or anyone looking to build a high-performance PC.

In short, if you want to take your computing to the next level, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is the way to go!”

Recommendation and final thoughts

When it comes to buying and building a PC, compatibility and upgradability should be at the forefront of your mind. While it may be tempting to go for the latest and greatest components, it’s important to make sure they will work well together and be able to be upgraded in the future. To ensure compatibility, double-check the specifications of each component before purchasing.

Make sure they are all compatible with each other and your motherboard. Additionally, consider the power supply and cooling system and ensure they can handle the components you have chosen. Upgradability is also crucial for a long-lasting PC.

You want to be able to upgrade your components when newer, better hardware becomes available. When choosing components, consider future-proofing your PC by going for ones that will be compatible with future releases. By taking compatibility and upgradability into consideration, you can build a PC that will last you a long time and save you from having to replace entire components in the future.


What are the main features of the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard?
The ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard comes with several features including Intel Z87 Express Chipset, 4 DIMM Slots, 2 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, and 6 SATA 6Gb/s ports.

Is the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard compatible with the latest Intel processors?
Yes, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is compatible with the latest 4th Gen Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 processors.

Can I use the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard for gaming?
Yes, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard is optimized for gaming, featuring advanced gaming technologies such as Audio Boost, Game Boost, and M.2 SSD support.

Does the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard support overclocking?
Yes, the ASUS Z87-A ATX motherboard supports overclocking with its advanced UEFI BIOS, intuitive AI Suite III software, and 5-Way Optimization technology.