Unleashing the Power of ASUS X79 Deluxe: A Comprehensive Motherboard Review

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful and reliable motherboard for your gaming or workstation rig, the Asus X79 Deluxe should be on your radar. This beast of a motherboard is packed with features that make it stand out in the market, giving users a top-notch experience with the latest technology advancements. In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Asus X79 Deluxe in detail.

From its physical dimensions, connectors, and slots to its performance, features, and software, we’ll dissect every aspect of this motherboard and give an honest opinion. So, whether you’re a power user or someone who’s just looking for a reliable motherboard with excellent performance, this review is for you. Wet your appetite as we dive into the world of motherboard technology.


Looking for a high-end motherboard for your computer build? The ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard might just be the perfect fit. This motherboard is designed to support the latest generation of Intel processors, with up to 64GB of DDR3 RAM and multiple expansion slots for graphics cards, sound cards, and other components. It also boasts a sleek and stylish design, with a black PCB and brushed aluminum heatsinks.

But what sets the ASUS X79 Deluxe apart from other motherboards is its advanced features. These include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, eight SATA 6Gbps ports, USB 0 and USB

0 ports, and dual Intel Ethernet ports for high-speed data transfer. Overall, the ASUS X79 Deluxe is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing motherboard for their computer build.

Overview of the Asus X79 Deluxe motherboard

The Asus X79 Deluxe motherboard is a powerful computing platform designed for high-performance users and enthusiasts. This motherboard offers a host of features that make it a top-of-the-line choice for those in need of serious processing power. With its Intel X79 chipset, quad-channel memory support, and advanced overclocking capabilities, the Asus X79 Deluxe is a true workhorse.

This motherboard also offers dual Thunderbolt ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a comprehensive UEFI BIOS system. Whether you’re a professional designer, gamer, or content creator, the Asus X79 Deluxe motherboard is a great investment to take your computing power to the next level. So, why wait? Get your hands on this impressive piece of hardware and experience top-notch performance like never before!

asus x79 deluxe motherboard review

Key features and specifications

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When it comes to performance, the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard certainly doesn’t disappoint. This motherboard is built to handle even the most demanding tasks, thanks to its Intel X79 chipset and support for both 3-way SLI and CrossFireX multi-GPU configurations. The included 8 DIMM slots also allow for up to 64GB of DDR3 RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking even when running multiple applications at once.

Additionally, the motherboard features a UEFI BIOS with graphical interface, which makes accessing and modifying settings a breeze. Whether you’re a gamer, a power user, or just in need of a reliable motherboard for your workstation, the ASUS X79 Deluxe is definitely worth considering.

Benchmarks and testing

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Gaming performance

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Design and Build

Asus X79 Deluxe is a premium motherboard, designed to cater to the needs of high-end users. It boasts an impressive set of features and components that make it stand apart from the competition. The design of this motherboard is sleek and stylish, perfect for the build of any gaming PC.

The build quality of the Asus X79 Deluxe is top-notch, with durable components that are built to last. The layout of the motherboard is also well thought out, with everything placed in an accessible and convenient location. This makes installation and upgrading a breeze, even for novice users.

The Asus X79 Deluxe also features advanced cooling options, ensuring that your system stays cool even under the heaviest load. Overall, the Asus X79 Deluxe is an excellent motherboard that delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for passionate gamers and PC enthusiasts.

Physical layout and design features

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Ease of installation and use

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Price and Value

When it comes to the Asus X79 Deluxe motherboard, price and value can be a bit tricky to navigate. On one hand, this motherboard comes with a premium price tag that may not be feasible for all budgets. However, it also comes with a range of high-end features and capabilities that make it a worthwhile investment for those who need the best in performance and functionality.

In terms of value for money, this motherboard definitely delivers, but it’s important to assess your specific needs before making the purchase. If you’re a hardcore gamer or content creator who needs top-notch processing power and customization options, the Asus X79 Deluxe is a great investment. However, if you’re just looking for a basic motherboard for casual use, you may be better off with a more affordable option.

Ultimately, it all comes down to your individual needs and priorities. Overall, the Asus X79 Deluxe offers exceptional performance and customization options, making it a worthy investment for those who are looking for the best of the best in motherboard technology.

Price comparison and value analysis

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In conclusion, the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard is a powerhouse of performance and innovation. With its advanced features such as the Thunderbolt support, 8 DIMM slots, and powerful heat sink design, it delivers a computing experience that is unparalleled in the industry. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, an overclocking enthusiast, or a video editing professional, this motherboard has something to offer.

So, if you’re looking for a motherboard that can handle all your computing needs with ease, the ASUS X79 Deluxe is definitely the one for you. As the saying goes, “Deluxe by name, deluxe by nature”.


What are the key features of the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard?
The ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard features support for Intel Core i7 processor, quad-channel DDR3 memory, 3-way SLI/CrossFireX for graphics, and USB 3.0/2.0 ports, among other things.

Is the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard good for gaming?
Yes, the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard is a great choice for gaming. It has support for multiple graphics cards, great overclocking potential, and enhanced cooling capabilities.

Can I use the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard for video editing?
Yes, the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard is a great choice for video editing. With its support for Intel Core i7 processor and quad-channel DDR3 memory, it can handle heavy video editing tasks with ease.

How does the ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard compare to other high-end motherboards?
The ASUS X79 Deluxe motherboard is one of the best high-end motherboards in the market, with superior features and great performance. Its main competitors are the MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) and the Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5.