Unleashing the Power of Intel Core i7 with ASUS Rampage V Extreme – A Review of the Ultimate Gaming Motherboard

Looking for a motherboard that can handle everything from gaming to intense multitasking? Look no further than the ASUS Rampage V Extreme. In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into this impressive motherboard and see what sets it apart from the competition. The ASUS Rampage V Extreme is a high-end motherboard designed with gamers and power users in mind.

With a host of features like quad-channel DDR4 memory support, PCIe 0 support, and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, this board is a powerhouse that can handle just about anything you throw at it. But what really sets the Rampage V Extreme apart is its sheer level of customization.

With features like on-board overclocking buttons, customizable LED lighting, and even a built-in water-cooling system, this motherboard is a true enthusiast’s dream. Of course, all of this power and customization comes at a price. The Rampage V Extreme is definitely on the expensive side, and may not be the best choice for budget-conscious users.

But if you’re in the market for the ultimate gaming motherboard, this one is definitely worth considering. So if you’re ready to take your PC to the next level, read on for our full review of the ASUS Rampage V Extreme.

Overview of the ASUS Rampage V Extreme

The ASUS Rampage V Extreme is a highly sought-after motherboard for gamers and professionals who demand top-tier performance, reliability, and speed. This EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard is specifically designed to support Intel’s latest Haswell-E processors, delivering extreme overclocking capabilities and enhanced connectivity options. With its advanced features, including DDR4 support, 5-way optimization, SupremeFX 2014 audio, and Intel Ethernet, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme provides for the ultimate gaming experience.

The motherboard also features an array of add-ons and accessories, including a host of USB 0 ports, M.2 support, and SATA Express that make it ideal for custom builds.

This ASUS Rampage V Extreme review will explore everything you need to know about this high-performance motherboard, its specifications, features, and benefits. So, buckle up and get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level!

Design and Layout

The ASUS Rampage V Extreme is a beastly motherboard that’s designed for hardcore gamers and enthusiasts. Its sleek and stylish design screams premium quality, with its black and red color scheme and intricate details that make it stand out from the crowd. The layout of the motherboard is well thought-out, with every component in its place and easy to access.

The integrated power delivery and cooling system ensure that the motherboard stays cool and stable even under heavy loads, making it perfect for overclocking. The UEFI BIOS is easy to use and intuitive, allowing users to tweak and customize their system without any hassle. In summary, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme is a beautifully designed motherboard that’s packed with features and performance, making it an excellent choice for gamers and enthusiasts alike.

asus rampage v extreme eatx lga2011-3 motherboard review

Socket and Compatibility

When it comes to building a high-performance gaming PC, compatibility is key. The ASUS Rampage V Extreme is a top-of-the-line motherboard that boasts an LGA 2011-v3 socket, making it compatible with Intel’s Core i7 processors. This socket is known for its high bandwidth and low latency, making it ideal for demanding applications such as gaming and content creation.

In addition to its impressive socket, the Rampage V Extreme also supports DDR4 memory, which offers faster speeds and better energy efficiency than its predecessor. With its advanced overclocking capabilities and numerous expansion slots, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme is an excellent choice for any enthusiast looking to build a high-performance gaming PC.

Connectivity and Ports

The ASUS Rampage V Extreme is a high-end motherboard that offers a plethora of connectivity options and ports. This motherboard is equipped with 10 SATA ports, a U.2 connector, and M.

2 slots, which enables users to connect multiple storage devices simultaneously. Additionally, it comes with six USB 1 Gen 1 ports, four USB

0 ports, and two USB 1 Gen 2 ports, providing plenty of options for connecting peripherals. The Rampage V Extreme also has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, making it easy to connect to the internet or other devices wirelessly.

With these features, this motherboard is ideal for gamers, video editors, and other power users who need a reliable and flexible platform for their work. Overall, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme offers an impressive range of connectivity options and ports, making it one of the most versatile motherboards on the market.

Performance and Benchmarking

When it comes to high-performance motherboards for serious gaming and video editing, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 is a top contender. This motherboard is built with a powerful Intel X99 chipset and supports the latest Intel Core i7 processors, making it an excellent choice for those who demand the highest level of CPU performance. But how does it stack up in benchmarks? Well, we’re happy to report that the ASUS Rampage V Extreme does not disappoint.

In rigorous benchmark tests, this motherboard consistently outperforms its competitors in areas like memory bandwidth and storage speed. It supports up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM across eight DIMM slots, enabling multitasking to reach new heights. Plus, with ten SATA 6Gbps ports and an M.

2 slot, you can easily connect all your storage devices without worrying about bottlenecks. All in all, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard is a reliable and powerful option that will satisfy even the most demanding users looking for top-notch performance.

CPU and Memory Stability

When it comes to CPU and memory stability, performance and benchmarking are critical factors to consider. The CPU and memory are the two primary components that determine the speed and efficiency of a computer system. Therefore, ensuring that they are stable is essential to prevent crashes, errors and other performance issues.

To achieve this, benchmarking and performance testing are used to measure the overall performance of the system. These tests provide valuable insights into the performance of the CPU and memory, helping to isolate any issues that may be affecting their stability. By identifying and resolving these issues, users can ensure that their system is functioning optimally, providing high levels of speed, reliability, and performance.

Overall, performance and benchmarking play a vital role in maintaining CPU and memory stability and ensuring that the system is performing at its best.

Gaming Performance

When it comes to gaming, performance is key. But how can we accurately measure and compare the performance of different computers or gaming setups? That’s where benchmarking comes in. Benchmarking involves running a series of tests on a system to evaluate its performance in specific areas, such as graphics rendering or processing speed.

By comparing the results of these tests, we can see which systems perform better or worse in certain areas, and determine which setup is best for a specific game or application. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that benchmarking can be subjective and can vary depending on the test being used, so it’s always a good idea to check multiple sources and run your own tests before making any decisions on a gaming setup. So whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking to push your system to its limits or just a casual player who wants to ensure a smooth gaming experience, benchmarking is an important tool to have in your arsenal.

Overclocking Potential

Overclocking Potential When it comes to squeezing out every last drop of performance from your CPU, overclocking is the way to go. Overclocking refers to pushing your processor beyond its factory-set limits to get higher clock speeds, more processing power, and faster overall performance. Many CPUs have a lot of overclocking potential, allowing you to unlock hidden processing power and achieve incredible speeds.

However, overclocking can also be risky and can result in damage to your processor if not done correctly. That’s why it’s important to only overclock if you know what you’re doing or seek help from a professional. There are many benchmarking tools and performance tests you can use to see how much additional processing power you’ve unlocked with overclocking.

With the right expertise and care, overclocking can be a great way to boost your computer’s performance and get the most out of your CPU.

Special Features and Software

The ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard is a powerhouse that comes packed with a range of exciting special features and software. This motherboard is engineered to deliver top-notch performance, making it a favorite among gamers, power users, and enthusiasts. With its support for Intel processors and advanced cooling capabilities, this motherboard can help you unlock the full potential of your PC.

Additionally, it comes with a host of software tools that make it easy to customize your system, tweak performance settings, and keep your system running smoothly. Features like ASUS’ Q-Code and Q-LED diagnostic tools are designed to help you troubleshoot problems quickly, while BIOS Flashback and CrashFree BIOS 3 features offer peace of mind and added stability. With its focus on delivering advanced features, top-of-the-line performance, and rock-solid stability, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard is a top choice for anyone looking to build a high-performance PC.

ROG Armor and Cooling

ROG Armor and Cooling As one of the leading gaming laptop manufacturers, ASUS ensures that their products come packed with features that are specifically designed for gamers. The ROG Armor and Cooling are some of the most notable features that come with this amazing laptop. The ROG Armor is basically a reinforced structure that helps to protect the laptop from any external damage.

This means that even if you accidentally drop your laptop, you can be sure that it will survive with minimal or no damage at all. On the other hand, the ROG Cooling system is designed specifically to prevent overheating during long gaming sessions. This system is made up of multiple fans and heat sinks that help to regulate the temperature of the laptop’s internal components.

Moreover, the ROG Armor and Cooling features have their own dedicated software – the ROG Gaming Center. This software allows you to monitor the performance of your laptop in real-time, giving you the ability to adjust fan speed, temperature control, and other settings to optimize your gaming experience. Additionally, the software comes with built-in settings that allow you to customize the performance of your laptop for different games.

This means that you can optimize your laptop settings for games that require high frame rates, while also maintaining a stable temperature. In summary, the ROG Armor and Cooling features are essential components of any gaming laptop. They not only improve the structural integrity and durability of your laptop but also ensure that it performs optimally even during long gaming sessions.

Additionally, the dedicated ROG Gaming Center software provides easy access to settings that can be tweaked to enhance your gaming experience. Overall, the ROG Armor and Cooling features are a testament to ASUS’ commitment to delivering quality gaming laptops that are designed specifically with gamers in mind.


UEFI BIOS and AI Suite III are two essential features that make ASUS motherboards stand out from the rest. The UEFI BIOS provides a graphical user interface that allows users to have greater control and flexibility over their system settings. It is faster, more secure, and offers enhanced mouse support compared to traditional BIOS systems.

The AI Suite III, on the other hand, is a software designed to help users monitor and fine-tune their system’s performance. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to manage their overclocking settings, fan control, and even power management. With these software features, ASUS motherboards provide a seamless and convenient experience for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

The combination of UEFI BIOS and AI Suite III ensures that users can maximize their PC’s performance without having to compromise any of its stability or security features.

Final Verdict

After delving into the features and specifications of the Asus Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard, it’s clear that this is a top-of-the-line choice for serious gamers and PC enthusiasts. The extensive range of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt and Wi-Fi, make it a versatile and future-proof investment. Additionally, the intuitive and user-friendly BIOS makes it easy to navigate and tweak settings to optimize performance.

The option for liquid nitrogen cooling will also appeal to extreme overclockers. However, this motherboard’s high price point may deter some consumers who are content with a more affordable option. Overall, the Asus Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard is a powerful and advanced choice for those willing to invest in top-tier hardware.


In conclusion, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard is the epitome of power and efficiency, providing unparalleled performance and functionality to even the most demanding user. With robust overclocking capabilities and cutting-edge technology, this motherboard is a true powerhouse that caters to the needs of hardcore PC enthusiasts. And to top it all off, its sleek design and advanced features make it a must-have for anyone looking to take their computing experience to the next level.

So if you’re in the market for a motherboard that’s both stylish and technologically advanced, look no further than the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard. It’s truly a beast of a machine that’s sure to impress.”


What is the chipset used in the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard?
The ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard uses the Intel X99 chipset.

Does the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard support DDR4 RAM?
Yes, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard supports DDR4 RAM with a maximum capacity of 128GB.

How many PCIe slots does the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard have?
The ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard has a total of 5 PCIe slots, with 4 PCIe 3.0 x16 slots and 1 PCIe 2.0 x4 slot.

Does the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard support SLI or Crossfire?
Yes, the ASUS Rampage V Extreme EATX LGA2011-3 motherboard supports both SLI and Crossfire for multiple graphics card configurations.