A Comprehensive Review of ASUS P7P55D E LX Motherboard: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Are you looking for a powerful and affordable motherboard to upgrade your PC system? Look no further than the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard. This motherboard boasts a variety of impressive features, including support for the latest Intel processors and DDR3 RAM. But what sets the ASUS P7P55D E LX apart from other motherboards on the market? For one, it offers outstanding performance, thanks to its Intel P55 chipset and advanced voltage regulation capabilities.

Additionally, it has a user-friendly BIOS with a variety of customization options, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced users. Furthermore, the ASUS P7P55D E LX offers a range of connection options, including USB 0, SATA 6Gb/s, and eSATA, providing plenty of ways to connect your favorite devices.

Whether you’re a gamer, creative professional, or simply someone who wants a reliable and powerful PC, the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard is an excellent choice.


If you’re in the market for a reliable and affordable motherboard, the ASUS P7P55D-E LX is definitely worth considering. This board is meant to support Intel’s LGA 1156 socket CPUs, with four memory slots supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 memory. It also comes with two PCI-E

0 x16 slots for dual GPU setups, capable of supporting both Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire setups. Alongside this, there are connections for USB 0, eSATA, and gigabit ethernet, making this board an excellent choice for those who want to build a mid-range gaming or multimedia PC.

Overall, the ASUS P7P55D-E LX is a practical and affordable motherboard that can deliver excellent value for its cost. Whether you’re building a gaming or multimedia computer, this motherboard can be an excellent option for those who want a reliable and affordable foundation for their system.

Key Features and Specs

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asus p7p55d e lx motherboard review

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Performance and Compatibility

Are you in search of a motherboard that offers both performance and compatibility? Look no further than the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard. This motherboard boasts an LGA 1156 socket and supports Intel Core i7 and i5 processors, making it perfect for high-performance computing tasks. Additionally, the P7P55D E LX motherboard features DDR3 memory, which provides faster data transfer rates than DDR2, and a PCI Express

0 x16 slot for powerful graphics processing. But what about compatibility? The P7P55D E LX motherboard has you covered there too. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Plus, it has built-in support for RAID configurations and multiple SATA devices, making it an excellent choice for data storage and backup. Overall, the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard is a top-performing option with broad compatibility, making it a great choice for gamers, power users, and those in need of reliable data storage. With its advanced features and high-level performance, it’s no wonder why this motherboard has won over so many users.

So, why not give it a try and experience the power and compatibility for yourself?

Benchmark Results

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Compatibility with Other Components

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Installation and Setup

If you’re looking to build a high-performance gaming PC, then the Asus P7P55D E LX motherboard is a great choice. One of the first things you should consider when building a PC is the installation and setup process. Fortunately, the Asus P7P55D E LX motherboard is relatively easy to install, even for beginners, thanks to its user-friendly instructions and easy-to-use interface.

The first step in the installation process is to make sure that you have all the necessary components, including the motherboard, processor, memory, and power supply. Once you have all the components, you can begin the installation process by carefully following the instructions provided with the motherboard. It’s important to take your time during this process, as any mistakes could lead to damage to your components or your computer.

Overall, the Asus P7P55D E LX motherboard is a great choice for gamers and enthusiasts, as it provides a high level of performance at a reasonable price point.

Ease of Installation

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Available Ports and Connections

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User Experience

When it comes to the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard, the user experience is nothing short of exceptional. One thing that sets this motherboard apart from many others is its ease of use. Even those who are not particularly tech-savvy will be able to navigate their way around the BIOS with relative ease.

Additionally, the system is incredibly reliable, with few reported hiccups or issues. The versatile range of connectivity options on offer, including USB 0, USB

0, and SATA, means that users no longer need to worry about running out of connections. The robust performance of this motherboard is also noteworthy. Whether you’re using it for gaming, streaming, or office work, this motherboard can keep up with heavy usage without faltering.

Overall, the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable motherboard that provides excellent user experience.

User Reviews and Feedback

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In conclusion, the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard is a game-changer for anyone who is serious about their computing performance. With its innovative features and sleek design, it’s clear that ASUS has once again proven itself to be a leader in motherboard technology. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a professional in any field, the P7P55D E LX is sure to provide the speed and reliability you need to stay ahead of the curve.

So if you’re looking for a motherboard that combines power and style in one impressive package, look no further than the ASUS P7P55D E LX. This motherboard truly is the perfect fusion of form and function!”


What are the key features of the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard?
The ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard features Intel P55 Express chipset, Socket LGA1156 support, Dual-Channel DDR3 2200 MHz support, and support for ATI CrossFireX Technology.

Can I use NVIDIA SLI technology with the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard?
No, the ASUS P7P55D E LX only supports ATI CrossFireX technology.

Does the ASUS P7P55D E LX support USB 3.0?
No, the ASUS P7P55D E LX does not have built-in USB 3.0 support. However, you can add USB 3.0 support with an expansion card.

What is the audio technology used in the ASUS P7P55D E LX motherboard?
The ASUS P7P55D E LX uses RealtekĀ® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC, which provides high-quality audio output.