Unleashing the Power of ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboards: H170M-Plus CSM Review

Looking for a micro-ATX motherboard that packs a punch? Look no further than the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM DDR4 motherboard. Whether you’re an avid gamer, content creator, or just need a reliable machine for your day-to-day tasks, this motherboard can handle it all with ease. ASUS has long been known for their high-quality products and the H170M-Plus CSM is no exception.

Designed with businesses in mind, this motherboard offers superior stability and reliability, making it an excellent choice for both personal and professional use. With support for DDR4 RAM, you can easily upgrade your system’s memory for lightning-fast performance. Plus, with multiple USB

0 ports, you can easily connect all of your favorite peripherals without sacrificing speed. But the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM isn’t just about performance. It also boasts a sleek and stylish design, making it a great choice for those looking to build a visually stunning system.

And with its micro-ATX form factor, it’s perfect for those who want a powerful machine but don’t have a lot of extra space. Overall, the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM DDR4 motherboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performance solution. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or business owner, this motherboard is sure to deliver the performance and stability you need to get the job done.

So why wait? Add it to your system today and experience the power and reliability of ASUS!


Are you looking for a high-quality micro ATX motherboard that can perform a wide range of tasks? Look no further than the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM. This DDR4 motherboard is packed with features that make it a top choice for users who need power and durability. With support for Intel 6th generation processors, dual-channel DDR4 memory, and a range of storage options, this motherboard can handle even the most demanding applications.

Plus, with its compact size, it’s ideal for use in smaller PCs or systems where space is at a premium. So why wait? If you want a reliable and high-quality micro-ATX motherboard that won’t let you down, the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM is the perfect choice for you.

Overview of the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM Motherboard

If you’re looking for a reliable motherboard that can handle a range of tasks, then the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM might just be what you need. This motherboard is designed for the Intel 6th and 7th generation processors, making it a great option for those who want to build a powerful PC. It also features Intel H170 Express Chipset, which offers a range of performance features.

One of the key benefits of this motherboard is its Advanced Hardware Safeguards, which provide extra layers of protection against damage from electrostatic discharge, power surges, and other environmental factors. Overall, the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM is a great choice for those who want a reliable and high-performance motherboard that can handle a range of tasks.

asus micro atx ddr4 motherboards h170m-plus csm review


The ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard H170M-PLUS CSM is an impressive piece of hardware that offers a stable, reliable, and secure platform for your computer needs. Not only is it designed to provide high-performance for gaming and demanding tasks, but it comes packed with features that will make life much more comfortable for you. The H170M-PLUS CSM motherboard has four DDR4 memory slots that support up to 64GB of RAM and has a dual-channel architecture to provide faster memory access.

Additionally, it has one M.2 socket and six SATA 6Gbps ports, allowing you to have plenty of storage options for all your games and files. This motherboard has an outstanding audio system built-in and supports

1 surround sound, and the LAN is incredibly fast and capable of speeds up to 1000Mbps. The layout of the board is clean, and the build quality is excellent, so you can trust that this motherboard will last a while without giving you any issues. Overall, the ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard H170M-PLUS CSM is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to build a high-performance PC without breaking the bank.

Micro ATX Form Factor

When it comes to designing a computer, the Micro ATX form factor is a popular choice among many enthusiasts. The smaller size of the motherboard allows for more compact cases, making it ideal for those who want to build a powerful system without taking up too much space. The design of Micro ATX motherboards also allows for more efficient power consumption and cooling, which can lead to better performance overall.

Additionally, the smaller form factor means that there are fewer expansion slots, which may seem like a disadvantage at first, but it can also encourage users to be more selective with their hardware choices. Overall, the Micro ATX form factor is a practical and reliable option for those who want a versatile and efficient system design without sacrificing performance or functionality.

DDR4 Memory Support

DDR4 memory support is a major design consideration when building a computer or upgrading an existing one. DDR4 is the fourth generation of DDR RAM and provides significant improvements in terms of speed, bandwidth, and power efficiency compared to its predecessor, DDR Designing a computer that supports DDR4 memory involves selecting the right motherboard, CPU, and other components that are compatible with DDR

This ensures that the memory will operate at its full potential, providing faster data transfer rates and improved responsiveness for applications. Additionally, DDR4 memory requires a lower voltage than DDR3, resulting in lower power consumption and heat generation. Overall, designing a computer with DDR4 memory support is essential to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency, making it a key component to consider for any new build or upgrade.


If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-packed micro ATX motherboard, the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM might just be the one for you. This motherboard boasts DDR4 memory support, allowing for faster and more efficient performance. It’s also equipped with PCIe

0 slots for high-speed storage and graphics cards. The H170M-Plus CSM also has USB 0, HDMI, and VGA ports for easy connectivity to your peripherals and monitors.

Additionally, this motherboard is equipped with ASUS’ 5X Protection II technology, providing essential safeguards for your components against electrical damage and an anti-moisture coating to protect against humidity and corrosion. With all these features and more, the ASUS H170M-Plus CSM is a great choice for consumers looking for a reliable, high-performance micro ATX motherboard.

CSM Support for Business Use

CSM Support for Business Use: Features Customer Success Management (CSM) is a crucial area of expertise that aims to help businesses improve customer satisfaction, retention, and value. CSM comprises various strategies and tactics, including account management, customer engagement, onboarding, and product training. To accomplish these goals, CSM software offers various features that can help businesses achieve their customer success objectives.

These features may include customer health scores, analytics and reporting, alerts and notifications, and customer feedback management. CSM also provides businesses with advanced tools for customer segmentation and behavior analysis, enabling companies to analyze customer behavior and tailor their approach accordingly. Utilizing CSM software for business use provides companies the opportunity to deliver the best customer experiences, increase customer retention rates, and drive higher revenue.

Overall, CSM support for business use is a significant asset that can improve customer satisfaction and help businesses achieve their goals.

USB 3.0 and SATA Express Support

One of the exciting features of modern computers is the support for USB 0 and SATA Express. With USB

0, users can enjoy faster transfer speeds between devices. This means that files that once took a long time to transfer, take only a fraction of the time. SATA Express, on the other hand, boosts the performance of solid-state drives (SSDs) which are becoming increasingly popular for their speed.

This technology makes it possible to achieve even faster file transfers than with USB 0 and makes for a more responsive system overall. If you’re in the market for a new computer, make sure to look for one with USB

0 and SATA Express support to take full advantage of the speed and responsiveness that comes with these advanced technologies.

High-Quality Audio and Networking Features

When it comes to high-quality audio and networking features, there are many features that can make a difference in your listening experience. One of the most important features is high-resolution audio. High-resolution audio is a format that delivers lossless audio quality, allowing you to hear every detail in your music.

Another important feature is support for multiple audio formats. This allows you to play a wide range of audio files, from MP3s to high-resolution files, without any loss of quality. In addition, a good audio system should also have support for network streaming, allowing you to access music and other audio content from a variety of sources.

Other important networking features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily connect your audio system to your home network and other devices. Overall, high-quality audio and networking features are essential for a great listening experience, and are definitely worth investing in.


The ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboards H170M-Plus CSM is a great choice for those who need reliable performance in a compact form factor. This motherboard is built with high-quality components and offers a variety of features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications. With support for DDR4 memory, it can handle the latest games and applications with ease.

The H170M-Plus CSM also has PCIe 0 support, which allows for fast data transfers and improved performance overall. Additionally, this motherboard has built-in LAN and supports USB

0, making it easy to connect to external devices. Overall, the ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboards H170M-Plus CSM is a top-performing motherboard that can handle even the most demanding applications with ease. So if you’re looking for a compact, yet powerful motherboard, this one should definitely be on your list.

Benchmark Results and Performance Analysis

When it comes to benchmark results and performance analysis, there are multiple factors to consider. Performance is a crucial aspect of any system, and it depends on various aspects such as hardware specifications, software configurations, and user behavior. Benchmarking helps in comparing the performance of one system with another and identifying the strengths and weaknesses thereof.

It also helps in determining the optimal system configuration for desired performance results. Performance analysis, on the other hand, assists in identifying the cause of performance issues and optimizing the system accordingly. In essence, benchmark results and performance analysis are essential for improving system performance and enhancing user experience.


After thorough testing and analysis, it’s clear that the ASUS Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard H170M-Plus CSM is a top contender in the world of computer hardware. With its superior performance capabilities and advanced features, this motherboard is truly a force to be reckoned with. Whether you’re building a new PC from scratch or upgrading your current setup, the H170M-Plus CSM will undoubtedly deliver the power and efficiency you need to take your computing experience to the next level.

In short, this motherboard is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking high-quality, reliable performance in a compact form factor – proving once and for all that good things do indeed come in small packages.”

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

In terms of performance, I must say that the product exceeded my expectations. Not only did it perform at a high level, but it also managed to maintain its consistency throughout the entire testing process. I was pleasantly surprised by its speed, as it managed to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without any visible lag or delay.

Additionally, its efficiency in handling complex data and calculations was impressive, and I found myself completing tasks much quicker than previously anticipated. The keyword “performance” is accurately reflected through this product, as it proved to be reliable and efficient in its execution. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a high-performing solution for their computing needs.


What is the maximum amount of RAM that can be installed on the ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard?
The ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard has four DDR4 DIMM slots that support a maximum of 64GB of RAM.

Does the ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard support overclocking?
No, the ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard does not support overclocking.

What expansion slots are available on the ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard?
The ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard has one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, two PCIe 3.0 x1 slots, and one PCI slot.

What is the maximum supported resolution for the onboard HDMI port on the ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard?
The onboard HDMI port on the ASUS H170M-PLUS/CSM motherboard supports a maximum resolution of 4096×2160 @ 24Hz.