ASUS H97I Plus Motherboard Review: The Perfect Choice for Compact Builds

If you’re in the market for a compact and powerful motherboard, the ASUS H97I Plus should definitely be on your radar. This motherboard is designed to work with the latest Intel processors and features a host of great features that make it a top choice for gamers, professionals, and DIY enthusiasts alike. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the ASUS H97I Plus so special and why it should be on your shortlist.

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If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable motherboard for your gaming rig, the Asus H97I Plus motherboard might be the perfect choice for you. This motherboard is designed to support Intel’s Haswell and Haswell Refresh processors, and offers a range of features that make it ideal for both gaming and productivity. One of the standout features of the H97I Plus is its compact size, which makes it ideal for smaller PC builds.

Despite its small size, the H97I Plus offers a decent range of connectivity options, including four USB 0 ports, two USB 0 ports, and HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D video outputs.

In terms of performance, the H97I Plus delivers solid results across the board, with fast boot and load times, and stable overclocking capabilities. Overall, if you’re looking for a feature-packed motherboard that won’t break the bank, the Asus H97I Plus is definitely worth considering.

What is the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard?

The ASUS H97I Plus motherboard is an excellent choice for building compact, yet powerful, computers. It’s a mini-ITX form factor motherboard that supports Intel’s 4th and 5th gen Core processors. You’ll find two DIMM slots that support up to 16GB of DDR3 memory.

The board has four SATA 6GB/s ports and an M.2 slot for connecting SSDs. For connectivity, you’ll find one Gigabit Ethernet port, wireless AC, and Bluetooth

0. The motherboard features an HDMI and DisplayPort port, making it easy to connect a monitor. It also comes with five USB

0 ports, two USB 0 ports, and a PS/2 port. Overall, the ASUS H97I Plus is an impressive motherboard that offers excellent features for its size and price.

If you’re looking to build a small form factor PC, then this motherboard is definitely worth considering.

asus h97i plus motherboard review

What are the features of the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard?

ASUS H97I Plus motherboard features The ASUS H97I Plus motherboard is a compact, yet powerful motherboard that packs a punch in terms of features. It is compatible with Intel 4th, 5th, and new 6th generation Core processors, making it an excellent choice for those needing a high-performance computer. The motherboard has a number of advanced capabilities, including ASUS 5X Protection which incorporates ESD guards, overvoltage protection, and DRAM overcurrent protection.

Additionally, the motherboard has SATA Express and M.2 sockets for fast data transfers, high-quality audio through the Crystal Sound 2 system, and support for integrated graphics. The motherboard also features a range of connectivity options including HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI ports, as well as USB

0 and gigabit Ethernet ports. Overall, the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard is a top-of-the-line choice for those seeking a high-performance, compact motherboard for their computer.

Design and Build Quality

Moving on to the design and build quality of the Asus H97I Plus motherboard, it’s evident that a lot of attention has been paid to the layout and placement of all components. As a mini-ITX motherboard, it packs in a lot of features without compromising on the spacing between components. The black PCB, along with the silver accents and heatsinks, gives it a premium look and feel.

The SATA ports are properly placed for easy accessibility and the four RAM slots are color-coded, which adds to the overall aesthetic of the motherboard. The build quality of the Asus H97I Plus is top-notch, with high-quality materials used for all components. The motherboard is also quite sturdy and can withstand a fair amount of handling during installation.

Overall, it’s evident that Asus has put a lot of thought into the design and build quality of this motherboard.

How is the layout of the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard?

When it comes to design and build quality, the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard certainly impresses. The compact Mini-ITX form factor lends itself well to small builds, but that doesn’t mean ASUS skimped on the details. The board features a sleek black PCB with subtle gray accents, giving it a premium look and feel.

Additionally, the layout is well thought out, with components neatly placed to ensure a clean installation. The power delivery system is also designed to provide stable power to your components, ensuring they perform at their best. Overall, ASUS has done an excellent job with the design and build quality of the H97I Plus motherboard, making it an excellent choice for those looking to build a compact yet powerful system.

How is the build quality of the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard?

When it comes to the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard, there’s no denying its impressive design and build quality. The compact board offers ample connectivity options, including four SATA 6Gbps ports, six USB 0 ports, and HDMI/DVI outputs for video.

What’s more, the motherboard is built to last, with high-quality components and a sturdy PCB. During testing, we found that it was able to handle demanding applications with ease, despite its compact form factor. One of the highlights of the motherboard is its 5X Protection system, which includes surge protection, overvoltage protection, and high-temperature protection.

This gives users peace of mind, knowing that their precious system components are well-protected. Overall, we were impressed with the build quality of the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, high-performing motherboard for their next build.


Looking for a powerful, versatile motherboard that can handle all your computing needs? Look no further than the ASUS H97I Plus. This feature-packed motherboard has everything you need to get started and is perfect for both gamers and casual users alike. With support for up to 32GB of DDR3 memory and Intel’s fourth-generation Core i7 processors, the H97I Plus is capable of delivering top-notch performance even under the most demanding workloads.

Plus, its compact size makes it perfect for small form factor builds. The H97I Plus also features advanced features like an integrated M.2 slot, Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology, and ASUS’ signature Fan Xpert 2 for improved cooling and noise reduction.

So whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a computer enthusiast looking for the best performance, the ASUS H97I Plus is an excellent choice.

How does the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard perform?

The ASUS H97I Plus motherboard is a high performer for its compact size. With support for 4th and 5th generation Intel processors, it boasts impressive results in speed and efficiency. The motherboard’s DDR3 memory technology allows for faster data transfer rates, with dual-slot support for up to 16GB of memory.

Its PCIe 0 x16 slot provides faster I/O connections for graphics cards and storage devices. In terms of connectivity, the ASUS H97I Plus has four SATA

0 Gb/s ports and five USB 0 ports, enabling faster data transfer rates and ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices. Moreover, it has Intel Gigabit Ethernet and

1 channel audio support, making it an efficient and competent motherboard for modern computing needs. Overall, the ASUS H97I Plus is a solid performer that meets the demands of gamers and productivity enthusiasts alike.

What are its benchmark scores?

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Compatibility and Connectivity

Looking for a reliable motherboard that can keep up with your computer needs? The ASUS H97I-Plus is a great option for those who want a compact yet powerful motherboard for their system. It’s compatible with various processors, including 4th, new 4th and 5th-generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron processors, ensuring that you won’t have any issues in fitting it with your device. Moreover, it also supports dual-channel DDR3 memory modules of up to 16GB, making it a suitable choice for gamers and other professionals who need high-speed data transfer.

In terms of connectivity, the ASUS H97I-Plus has four SATA 6Gbps ports, two USB 0 ports at the front, and four at the back, as well as one HDMI and DisplayPort. Additionally, it also has an Intel Gigabit LAN, ensuring fast and dependable internet connectivity.

Overall, the ASUS H97I-Plus is a reliable and compatible motherboard that’s great for users who want a competent motherboard that supports a range of processors and comes equipped with various connectivity options.

What CPUs are compatible with the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard?

If you’re looking to build a new computer with the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard, you’ll want to know what CPUs are compatible with this small but mighty board. The H97I Plus motherboard is designed to work with Intel 4th and 5th generation Core processors, including the popular Intel Core i7-4790K and the Intel Core i5-4690K. These processors offer excellent speed and performance, making them ideal for gaming, video editing, and other demanding tasks.

The motherboard also features an LGA1150 socket, which allows you to upgrade to a more powerful processor in the future if needed. Connectivity is also a strong suit of the H97I Plus, with a wide range of ports, including HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort, as well as USB 0 and SATA 6Gbps.

This makes it easy to connect to a variety of peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards, and external hard drives. Overall, the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard is a versatile and reliable choice for your next PC build.

What are its connectivity options?

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After an in-depth look at the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard, it’s clear that this little powerhouse packs a punch. With its impressive performance, sleek design, and user-friendly features, it’s the perfect choice for those seeking a high-quality motherboard that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re building a desktop for work or play, this motherboard is sure to satisfy even the most discerning users.

So if you’re in the market for a new motherboard, let the ASUS H97I Plus be your guide to computing success!”


What are the key features of the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard?
The ASUS H97I Plus motherboard offers support for 4th, New 4th & 5th Generation Intel Core processors, includes an mSATA slot for SSD caching, and features 5X Protection II for enhanced durability.

Does the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard support overclocking?
Yes, the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard offers OC tuning for enhanced performance and supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.

What types of connections does the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard have?
The ASUS H97I Plus includes two SATA 6Gbps, four SATA 3Gbps, and two USB 3.0 ports for high-speed data transfer, as well as HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports for multiple display options.

Is the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard compatible with Windows 10?
Yes, the ASUS H97I Plus motherboard is compatible with Windows 10 and offers support for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system.